Drei Bundesligisten unter den umsatzstärksten Fußballclubs der Welt

Drei Bundesligisten unter den umsatzstärksten Fußballclubs der Welt

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The 20 most profitable football teams in the world generated over 10 billion euros in revenue during the most recent season, 2022–2023. In the rankings, the German teams do better than they did the year before.

In the 2018–19 season, the 20 wealthiest clubs in world football have once again succeeded in producing a combined revenue of over 10 billion euros. The Top-20 clubs were able to overcome this scourge in the previous season 2022–2023 thanks to a 14 percent growth. This is one of the main findings from the 27th edition of the Deloitte Football Money League (DFML). Together, the largest unions, excluding the transfer liability, contributed contributions totaling €10.5 billion. This equates to an increase of €1.3 billion and a new record amount.

For the first time since Real Madrid’s 2017–18 season, all clubs were able to book their highest ever revenues. The “Königlichen” made 831,4 million euros in revenue, which put them ahead of Manchester City (825,9 million euros). In both Top Clubs, the majority of the losses were attributed to commercial gains, which accounted for only under 50% of both Real and ManCity’s total revenue. Paris Saint-Germain is ranked third in the rankings. The formidable French champion broke above the 800 million euro acquisition mark for the first time, securing the last podium spot ahead of FC Barcelona (800 million euros) and Manchester United (745 million euros).

FC Bayern München führt Bundesliga-Trio an

In all, the Bundesliga is represented three times. Das Trio wird von FC Bayern München geführt. In terms of transfer revenues, the German Record holder reported a 744 million euro profit in the 2022–2023 season. Despite growing by ninety-four million euros, FC Bayern now holds the sixth position among the world’s most powerful football teams.

The main driver of FC Bayern München’s significant revenue growth was the increase in earnings per share, which increased from 52,3 million euros to 120,7 million euros in the 2022–2023 season. Furthermore, the FCB increased its commercial losses by almost ten percent to 418,8 million euros. Borussia Dortmund also had a notable growth. With an increase of 18% to 420 million euros, the BVB moved up from position 13 to position 12. In the process, the Black-Gelben were able to record a revenue increase for themselves in all examined intake sources.

Deutschlands umsatzstärkste Fußball-Bundesligisten werden am 31. Januar und 1. Februar allesamt mit mindestens einem Mitglied aus ihrer Führungsetage auf der SPOBIS- Conference-Bühne zu sehen sein.

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Drei Bundesligisten unter den umsatzstärksten Fußballclubs der Welt
Drei Bundesligisten unter den umsatzstärksten Fußballclubs der Welt

The Bundesliga trio will be completed on spot 16 in the Deloitte Football Money League of Eintracht Frankfurt (293,5 million euros). So, after two years, the SGE returned to the Top-20 Clubs ranking. The Frankfurters had the most revenue growth in the Bundesliga with a margin of 41 percent. One of the main drivers in this case was the increase in media losses, which went from 33,7 million to 140,5 million euros. Eintracht Frankfurt was able to record the greatest percentage increase, 73 percent, throughout the game.

Thirteen of the top twenty clubs recorded record-breaking performances on matchdays. The clubs in the Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and La Liga are primarily responsible for this increase. The DFML losses totaled 1,9 billion euros at the end of the day. There is no longer any trace of corona-related effects.

In addition to breaking records during the game, the Football Money League clubs set a new record for commercial releases. Während einer Spielzeit 2022–2023 beliefen diese auf insgesamt 4,4 Milliarden Euro. This is an increase of 16 percent over the previous season. This is accompanied by a meager growth of 5% in the media industry.

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