“Tu casses l’image” a-t-on dit à Jean Reno pendant le tournage du film “La Rafle”

"Tu casses l'image" a-t-on dit à Jean Reno pendant le tournage du film "La Rafle"

“Tu casses l’image” a-t-on dit à Jean Reno pendant le tournage du film “La Rafle”

Le comédien, Jean Reno, est l’invité exceptionnel du Monde d’Élodie du 12 au 16 février 2024. Il remonte le fil de sa carrière autour de cinq de ses films les plus emblématiques. Depuis le mercredi 14 février, il est à l’affiche du film de Claude Zidi Jr. “Maison de retraite 2”, aux côtés de Kev Adams et Daniel Prévost.
Jean Reno consented to spend the entire week on Franceinfo’s World of Elodie. The chance to discuss this journey and the numerous partnerships with the biggest actors and directors. Now a legendary actor, the Casablanca-born Franco-Catalan is one of the few who have succeeded in forging a career that transcends boundaries.
Luc Besson’s 1988 film Le Grand Bleu, which starred Enzo Molinari, undoubtedly marked his encounter with the French. Sur ce parcours qui a réclamé le respect, il a touché à toutes les registres, comédies, thrillers ou encore drames : Luc Besson’s Nikita (1990) et Léon (1994), Mathieu Kassovitz’s Les Rivières Pourpres en 2000, Jean-Marie-Poiré’s L’opération Corned-Beef (1991), Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla (1998), Shawn Levy’s La Panthère rose (2006) ou encore La Rafle de Roselyne Bosch (2010). With his personality, he turns into the family’s protector and the one who is both witty and powerful. The father as well, the trustworthy man, the one to whom one confides, and the one who one goes to
obtenir des conseils.
"Tu casses l'image" a-t-on dit à Jean Reno pendant le tournage du film "La Rafle"

Claude Zidi Jr.’s second retirement home, starring Kev Adams and Daniel Prévost, is now showing as of Wednesday, February 14.

FranceInfo: Even if you are a well-known actor, is it possible that occasionally the roles you have played have had a negative impact on your personal life and vice versa?

Jean Reno: That is what happens when one returns home once the job is done. I don’t know about you, but that horrifies my wife because it will take two to three weeks to cure this plaque. In the movie The Rafle, there was a horrifying scene when the wagon’s door closed and everyone was packing to leave the camp. I play a doctor who declines to stay and leaves the children behind. I believe Melanie Laurent had a zone. I have three

or four kg as I was overeating and gaining weight. It is not tenable.

It is horrifying to go and enjoy this pleasure that the Nazis brought about. And it costs you because you realize that you are touching the non-lovely nose. Sending kids to stare at themselves is not possible.”au FranceInfo
Indeed, prejudice and slanderous accusations are directed at people who are just trying to live their lives and may not even be followers of the same faith. But what do you want to do with it? Well, some people say things like, “It’s necessary to eliminate, it’s necessary to cut off the bras.” They gathered their hair and enlivened their dentures to make covers or mattresses. However, what is being discussed?

Des affronts directs avec la peau.

Yes! Des monstres. Et l’emportez en soi. It’s not easy at all. Furthermore, we are going to the location where Steven Spielberg’s film was filmed since they have preserved the camp. They arrived, it was cold, there was snow, and you could seeEverything, every vision, you understand because you are there. You cannot play it if you are not behind. And Simone Veil told me, “I didn’t think you were capable of a series.” Après avoir beheld le film, elle a dit à moi: merci, merci. Yes, it’s funny because you crush the image. Once more, the image gets moved, and I was quite happy about that.

“Je ne suis pas ce que je fais, mais je suis un peu ce que je fais.”

Franceinfo / Jean Reno
What’s amazing about this video, which is genuinely unique in your discography, is that you’re discussing a subject with “an implication” of sorts for the first time. That is to say, up until then, you had been playing roles; it was fiction. There is a Jean Reno who, in the end, becomes accustomed to, absorbed by, this. It’s a different side of you that we’ve come to know, and we realize that it has also changed you as a man.

Yes, we come to the surface. Sometimes, one gains height via mounting. That could be philosophy, it might be something that rises to the top, but that’s just the surface. This is the surface because you maintain the chair and you adjust it.You look at those who are struggling to see their loneliness; you approach them from this angle rather than from above, where you may start down the path of Buddhism or something like. That’s the surface there. This is not a Buddhist role; rather, it is a human, chair, meat role. Grab hold of you, grab hold of you, because you cannot believe that humanity is the cause of this. It’s not feasible.
Are you, at least in the least, happy with the path you have already traveled? From this little boy who was simply waiting to be an orphan.

Yes, I’m happy. I am happy with my family and my old friends. I don’t have many, not even one primary. But sometimes, people talk about their youth and their dreams. Du rêve. And sure, let’s talk about them. My cousin is a guitar teacher in New Jersey, and we have discussions about Eric Clapton that may go into the afternoon. I’m happy with my family.

If someone were to ask you now who Jean Reno is, how would you respond?

It’s interesting that I’ve finally arrived as a Frenchman, yet I believe that all lesHumans are complicated creatures, so to sum up who I am in one sentence—I have no idea.

Sincere, laborer.

Yes! A chamber. It’s my inner beast. A certain number of people say things like “I love dogs, I love cats, I love tigers.” No, that’s my true beast inside me; that’s the chameau.

Will there be more movies like La Rafle?

With great pleasure, one will do so even if it means suffering. Yes, without a doubt.

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