West Ham vs. Bournemouth Tipp, Prognose & Quoten 01.02.2024 – Premier League

West Ham vs. Bournemouth Tipp, Prognose & Quoten 01.02.2024 – Premier League

The 22nd game of the English Premier League takes place from Tuesday to Donnerstag. Heimrecht, one of the strongest teams in the league, wins on Tuesday night, but the bookmaker does not view them as favorites. The story is about the match between West Ham and Bournemouth, with the host team receiving a tip that might go as high as 2.40. In the forecast for a guest survey, quotes below 3.00 are also provided.

In recent weeks, chef trainer David Moyes’s hammers have been presented in a more severe manner. Only Liverpool has amassed more points than the Elf from the capital in the last 10 Premier League games (21 points, Liverpool 24 minutes). The cherries had suffered two recent setbacks, but they had also shown signs of extreme decline in the weeks prior. Ist der Turnaround nun vollzogen? Alternately, do the Hammers continue their ascent? We believe that the tide is turning against the Hausherren and that the West Ham vs. Bournemouth game will further contribute to the “Heimsieg” phenomenon.

West Ham – Bournemouth Quoten | 3 Top-Tipps

West Ham 2.40


DNB 1 1.76


Über 2.5 1.61



The game at the London Stadium will start on Tuesday at around 2:30 p.m. 45 minutes later, the match between Wolverhampton and Manchester United took place at the Molineux Stadium. Der Tipp-Kategorie Premier League liefert die Wettbasis für dieses Spiel mitsamt einer Wertermittlung.

England West Ham – Statistik & aktuelle Form

The Conference League winner made a strong start in the 2023–2024 season, but he had to overcome a quite long slump until the last few weeks of the turnaround. The impressive record over the past several weeks was already highlighted, as West Ham has won six of the last 10 league games and has gone five games without a loss (two victories and two draws). Eine längere Runde sans Niederlage hatte die Hauptstadt-Elf mit sechs Spielen am Januar 2021. Am Donnerstagabend könnte diese Marke eingesetzt werden. The chances are excellent here, since West Ham has recently won three white wests in home games (two victories and one tie).

Deutlich effizienter als die Statistik aussagt

The team’s recent successes propelled them to the sixth spot on the table, where they are now fighting once more to qualify for an international competition. In this case, the Hammers are far better than what the statistics had predicted. Nowadays, many refer to values like “expected goals” as aussage-strong. In comparison to these anticipated victories, West Ham should only have been ahead by 24 points, but in reality, they are up to 35 points. In addition, this is the second-best outing after 21 league games since the 2010–11 season. Only in 2021–2022 did West Ham have 37 wickets at this point in the season.

In the last league match, however, the Moyes-Elf had to accept a little setback as they only managed a 2:2 victory against Sheffield United. After four games without a counterattack, the Torsperre was broken. Minute 90+13 saw the end of the equalization meeting using e-meter. Die Zeit ohne Gegentor was ungewöhnlich, da West Ham dieser Saison mit Torre zu rechnen hatte. Average 3.18 points per game, with 14 out of 21 games ending with a score of more than 2.5 in relation to the winning tip on “Beide Teams treffen.”

During this particular game, the Cherries are also a team that guarantees an offensive style and will be there for the win. This is why the quotes for over 2.5 may be seen among the top picks for West Ham vs. Bournemouth. In certain cases, risk-aware individuals may even be able to see an over-3.5 in an eye (about half of the games ended with an over-3.5).

England Bournemouth – Statistik & aktuelle Form

Not only are the Hammers happy with their current season, but the Cherries of AFC Bournemouth are also seeing positive results from the interim. The team now has eight more players on the bench than it had the previous year. Only in the 2018–19 season did the team have an even better record after 20 games (26 points, now 25). So, it was better not to count on anything come season’s start, since there was not a single victory in the first nine league games. However, it paid off to have faith in the Spanish Neo-Trainer, and around the New Year, success was reported.

Zuletzt zwei klare Niederlagen

After seven games, the club managed to win no fewer than nineteen out of twenty-one possible points. Only in the 2:2 draw with CL contender Aston Villa did Bournemouth have to concede a point. This peak was finally reached, though, as there were convincing losses against Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs. In these two games, Torhüter Neto had to give up seven opponents. In contrast, the Cherries only faced five opponents in the course of the seven consecutive victories. After the two setbacks, self-confidence may be regained throughout the previous weekend. In the FA Cup final against second-tier Swansea City, there was a clear 5:0 loss.

Now it’s time to write it again in the league. The high hopes are aimed at Dominic Solanke, the stormier of the two. The 26-year-old is the most dangerous player with twelve goals, and he has the best chance of becoming Bournemouth’s top goalkeeper during a Premier League season. Only Joshua King (2016–17, with 16 goals) and Callum Wilson (2018–19, with 14 goals) have defeated the Cherries more frequently in a Premier League season.

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