The chip shots fix for EA FC 24 Title Update 8 has finally been released.

The chip shots fix for EA FC 24 Title Update 8 has finally been released.

EA FC 24 Update

EA Sports published EA FC 24 Title Update 8 only two weeks after the previous Title Update, and it appears that chip shots may finally be addressed.

Due to the continuing TOTY promo in Ultimate Team, which has put more attention on EA FC 24, EA Sports has been working hard to ensure that its game is in top form. In the previous two weeks, the game has received two upgrades. The main goal of Title Update 7 was to address the unreliable menus, such as the Objective notification issue.

Chip shots appear to be the only notable fix in the EA FC 24 Title Update 8, despite being a smaller update than usual. Chip shots, one of the most powerful scoring methods in previous FIFA games, have been completely removed in EA FC 24. The goalie may recover and collect the ball before the chip shot ever reaches the goal, as nine out of ten have excessive backspin and insufficient force.

EA FC 24 Title Update 8, nevertheless, appears to bring a patch. Along with some basic audio and visual adjustments, Ultimate Team, Volta, and Career Mode have all undergone a few minor updates.

Patch notes for EA FC 24 Title Update 8
The optimal approach to score has fluctuated throughout EA FC 24, as the shooting meta has. Finesse shots were the only method to score early in the game, but it appears that trivela shots are now your best option.

Chip shots, however, could have just given us a new method of scoring goals with EA FC 24 Title Update 8. When executing a chip shot properly, EA has enhanced ball trajectory consistency as part of Title Update 8, so there shouldn’t be any more underhit chip shots as you get into a position where they should be effective.Watch out for players that have the Chip Shot PlayStyle Plus in their locker because this might potentially make it one of the most powerful PlayStyles. According to the EA Sports FC Tracker on Trello, this is the whole EA FC 24 Title Update 8.

During SBCs, help information could have inadvertently appeared without prompting.
During Pack opens, several Squad Foundation Player Item graphics did not appear appropriately.
The EA connect button callout occasionally did not appear.

Changes made to the gameplay include:

increased uniformity in the ball’s trajectory after making a good chip shot.
Volta Football tackled the subsequent matters:

The scoreboard occasionally stopped updating correctly.
Career Mode tackled the subsequent matters:

It’s possible that the player Bio screen showed the wrong badge.
During the Manager career, some kits were not accessible when founding a team.
All in all, audio and visual

Added the following modifications:

A few star heads, boots, badges, and kits have been updated.
tended to the following concerns:

addressed placeholder text occurrences.
A manager could have been situated outside of the technical area in some stadiums.
On the match scoreboard, several team uniform colors were not shown accurately.
addressed potential occurrences of stability problems.
You may download the EA FC 24 Title Update 8 patch for your PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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