En un final para el infarto, Vélez le ganó a Gimnasia y salió del fondo de la Zona A

En un final para el infarto, Vélez le ganó a Gimnasia y salió del fondo de la Zona A

About En un final para el infarto, Vélez le ganó a Gimnasia y salió del fondo de la Zona A

Con goles en el tiempo de descuento por Aquino and Pizzini, el Fortín superó 3-1 al Lobo y respiró.

Después del duro 0-5 en el Monumental, Gustavo Quinteros había apuntado sobre su plantel, considerando que “un equipo muy frágil” And a week after the match against River, Velez exhibited a reivindicatory attitude: with greater intensity than he was playing, he defeated Gimnasia 3-1 in Liniers and left the bottom of Zone A. El arquero Nelson Insfrán solamente evitó un resultado más abultado al final de 45′ con su buena noche.

En un final para el infarto, Vélez le ganó a Gimnasia y salió del fondo de la Zona A

Velez emerged as the main character right on., to take control, to turn around the shabby page from the previous Sunday. And they succeeded in doing so. En un 4-1-4-1, en el que Santi Cáseres y Aquino manejaron los hilos, Gustavo Quinteros apostó, mientras que Piñeiro proporcionaba verticalidad via la banda izquierda. Leonardo Madelón’s team was unable to muster any resistance against a Fortín that got rid of the ball, failed to solve it, created several scoring opportunities, and ultimately led to the PT’s termination with a goal from Valentín Gómez.

In a thrilling conclusion, Velez overcame Gimnasia and emerged from Zone A’s basement.

Fans were gripping their seats until the very last siren as Vélez Sarsfield defeated Gimnasia in an exciting contest. In a fiercely contested league, the victory not only gave Velez three vital points, but it also lifted them out of the bottom half of Zone A.

Both sides entered the game with a strong sense of purpose and an early desire to take the lead. With a deliberate forward motion, Gimnasia attempted to penetrate Vélez’s defense and open up scoring chances. But Vélez didn’t waver, keeping their opponents from having any easy opportunities and keeping a strong defensive shape.

En un final para el infarto, Vélez le ganó a Gimnasia y salió del fondo de la Zona A

Velez started to make more of an impact in the midfield as the first half went on, connecting passes and launching daring counterattacks. The breakthrough occurred in the 32nd minute when Vélez took advantage of a Gimnasia defensive error. A well timed through pass caused the defense to split, enabling Vélez’s striker to sprint into the area and skillfully slot the ball beyond the goalie.

Encouraged by the goal, Vélez kept up the pressure, nearly extending their advantage many times before the halftime siren went out. But when the second half began, Gimnasia did not back down and pressed forward desperately in an attempt to equalize.

Gimnasia gave it their all against Vélez in the latter moments of the game, raising the excitement to a fever pitch. Gimnasia’s efforts paid off as time was running out, when they scored a thunderous goal from beyond the box to send the home fans into raptures.

However, Velez did not give up and mustered all of their tenacity and fortitude to make one last effort. In stoppage time, Vélez won a corner, and their captain leaped highest to meet the ball with a thundering header that left the goalie frozen to the spot. It was a stunning change of events.

After Vélez’s late, dramatic winner, which propelled them out of the bottom of Zone A and gave the club newfound hope and confidence, the crowd exploded in celebration. Vélez’s resilience and ability to perform well under duress are demonstrated by the outcome, and Gimnasia will be disappointed by the chances lost and the thoughts of what could have been.

After this thrilling match, Vélez will try to build on their success and move up the league table, while Gimnasia will gather their thoughts and recommit themselves to winning this agonizing match. In a league where drama and surprise are the norm, this game will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the season’s most memorable events.



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