Revolutionizing Spacecrafting: 5 Unique Future Space Travels


Introduction to Spacecrafting:

A spacecraft is a vehicle that is designed to fly in outer space and operate there. A spacecraft is a vehicle that can carry people and cargo beyond the Earth’s atmosphere through space to other planetary bodies, space stations, or orbits and back home again. Spacecraft which are launched from the surface of a planet are called launch vehicles and usually take-off from launch pads at space sports. Spacecraft which do not need to escape from strong gravity may use ion thrusts or other more efficient methods.

Because of the very large amount of energy needed to leave the Earth’s gravity, spacecraft are usually very expensive to build, launch, and operate. Plans for future spacecraft often focus on reducing these costs so more people can participate in space. But today, costs are still very high, and until recently all spacecraft were sponsored by national government.

Sputnik  was the first spacecraft to orbit the Earth, other human-made objects had previously reached an altitude of 100 km.Sputnik was launched during the International geophysical year.Humanity has achieved space flight, only a few nations have the technology for spacecraft: Russia, US, Japan,China, India, Iran, and North Korea. In addition, several private companies have developed and developing the technology for orbital launches.

Categories of Space crafting:

Orbiter Spacecraft:A spacecraft designed to travel to a distant planet and enter into orbit about it. Orbiter spacecraft are carrying out the second phase of solar system exploration.It has been designed to live with the fact that solar eclipse will occur.Examples of orbiter spacecraft include Messenger Mercury Orbiter and Mariner 9 Mars Orbiter.

Lander spacecraft :Lander spacecraft are designed to reach the surface of a planet and survive long enough to make  data back to Earth. Examples include Soviet Venera landers which survived the harsh conditions on Venus while carrying out chemical composition.

Atmospheric spacecraft: Atmospheric spacecraft are designed for a relatively short mission to collect data about the atmosphere of a planet or satellite. an atmospheric spacecraft may have no need for impulse the control system at all.atmospheric spacecraft are carried to their destination by another spacecraft. Examples of atmospheric spacecraft include Mars Balloon and  Vega Venus Balloon.

Communications Spacecraft:Communication spacecraft are abundant in Earth orbit, but they are largely incidental to JPL missions.In the future, communications spacecraft may be deployed at Mars, Venus, or other planets too.Examples of communications spacecraft include Mil star and Global star.

Space capsules: Space capsules are a type of spacecraft that can return from space at least once. They have a blunt shape, do not usually contain much more fuel than needed. They are the simplest form of recoverable spacecraft, and so the most commonly used.  Examples include the Soyuz spacecraft and Orion spacecraft.

Importance of Space crafting:

First of all , Space crafting is a Space technology developed by space science or space industry to use spaceflights or space exploration.Space technology is the essential to the technological development as a population.

Improving Human Health: Astronauts face a variety of tough conditions in space including low gravity .So scientists have to launched new methods and materials for these health challenges.

Travelling efficiently: Because of spacecrafting ,Scientists are developing new measures,new types of fuels,new materials to make travel more efficient.

Discovering new things:Because of spacecrafting, Researchers are constantly discovering new things about space and Earth.They are experiencing new Earth based life.


In conclusion,Spacecrafting have been helping us for many years in discovering new things in space  or to know all the characteristics of our planet and other that surrounds our planet.NASA is developing a tool which can destroy meteorites in case of impact  on our planet ,so spacecrafting can save our lives one day.


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