Windows: Apple TV, Apple Music und Apple-Geräte sind aus der Preview

Windows: Apple TV, Apple Music und Apple-Geräte sind aus der Preview

About Windows: Apple TV, Apple Music und Apple-Geräte sind aus der Preview

Windows: Exit Preview for Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple Devices

Apple has announced the end of the preview period for a number of important services and applications, such as Apple TV, Apple Music, and device compatibility, which is a big step for Windows users. With this release, Apple’s ecosystem has significantly expanded outside its native platforms, allowing for more audience access and seamless interaction.

Windows customers anxiously await the release of Apple TV, the tech giant’s streaming service that offers a vast collection of movies, TV series, and original content. Windows users may now see Apple TV in its entirety on their devices right after it was pulled from preview. Personalized suggestions, access to Apple-only content, and the option to subscribe to premium channels through the Apple TV app are all included in this.

Apple’s decision to make Apple TV available on Windows is indicative of the company’s dedication to increasing cross-platform accessibility for its services. Apple wants to grow its user base and have a better presence in the crowded streaming business, so it’s reaching out to Windows customers.

Windows: Apple TV, Apple Music und Apple-Geräte sind aus der Preview

Apple Music

The removal of Apple Music from preview is a game-changer for Windows music lovers. In addition to a huge selection of music, playlists, and carefully selected radio stations, Apple Music also features original material and exclusive releases. Users can now easily browse their music catalog, listen to tailored suggestions, and take advantage of features like offline listening and synced playlists across devices with the official release of Apple Music for Windows.

Apple is reaching a larger audience of music fans who favor the Windows environment by releasing Apple Music to Windows. This action not only improves the user experience but solidifies Apple’s standing as the front-runner in the music streaming market.

Windows: Apple TV, Apple Music und Apple-Geräte sind aus der Preview

Apple Devices Compatibility

Apple has enhanced Windows compatibility for its physical products in addition to its services. Customers may now use their Windows PCs to connect to and control their Apple products, such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. For customers who depend on both ecosystems, this capability allows movies, files, and data to be seamlessly synchronized across Apple devices and Windows desktops, improving ease and productivity.

The increased interoperability with Apple products is more evidence of Apple’s understanding of how intertwined modern technology is. Apple hopes to give customers who own devices from both ecosystems a more seamless experience by providing strong Windows integration, promoting better ease and flexibility in their digital lives.


Hopefully, you can now use the AppleTV+ app. That was already a poor quality, so where did the 2.5 stars in the store come from? Most likely purchased from Apple. And it operates a bit more sparsely in the browser. It is evident that Apple’s true intention is for users to consume the content on their Apple devices anywhere and at all times.


However, Windows still lacks the Favorite Title Playlist.


Through the Apple TV app, I am unable to make large purchases. She performs better than iTunes. Nothing seems to be going wrong with me at all. What pleases me is that the subscribed channels may now be used to their full potential.

What still bothers me, though, is that no cover appears when a series is purchased. Coincidentally, they are somewhat in the series.


An important step forward in Apple’s larger plan to expand its ecosystem outside its customary borders is the removal of Apple TV, Apple Music, and enhanced compatibility with Apple products from Windows preview. Apple has the opportunity to expand its market share and strengthen its influence in the digital sphere by welcoming Windows customers and providing easy access to its products and services.

This improvement improves Windows customers’ connectivity, productivity, and pleasure by giving them more chances to interact with and experience Apple’s environment. Collaborations and interoperability between industry leaders like Apple and Windows are crucial for fostering innovation and improving the user experience as technology develops further.

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