Capcom: Unternehmen befragt Fans zu möglichen Remakes

Capcom: Unternehmen befragt Fans zu möglichen Remakes

About Capcom: Unternehmen befragt Fans zu möglichen Remakes

A recent Capcom survey aims to gauge fan interest in potential remakes or continuations of the company’s classics.

Capcom asks its fans in a new survey if they would be interested in potential remakes, reboots, and continuations of the company’s many classic games.

In one of the ten questions overall, the questioner would want to know whether there are any Capcom game series (including spinoffs) that the player would like to see continued or updated.

Among others, Dino Crisis, Onimusha, Okami, Dead Rising, Darkstalkers, Breath of Fire, and Lost Planet are mentioned as examples.

Another question was if there would be interest in a completely new game adaptation, complete with a story and character design, based entirely on modern technology.

Capcom Asks Fans About Future Remakes: A Preview of What’s to Come
Capcom, the well-known Japanese publisher and creator of video games, is said to have started surveys to see whether people would be interested in seeing famous vintage games remade. This move has enthralled fans and sparked conjecture among the gaming world. With a decades-long history and a library that includes beloved titles like Mega Man, Street Fighter, and Resident Evil, Capcom’s foray into remakes has the potential to completely transform the game industry and revitalize beloved properties.

Capcom: Unternehmen befragt Fans zu möglichen Remakes
Capcom: Unternehmen befragt Fans zu möglichen Remakes

The Significance of Remakes

Remakes are becoming a common trend in the gaming business, giving creators the chance to bring treasured classics back to life while utilizing contemporary technology to improve presentation, gameplay, and visuals. Remakes offer players a nostalgic trip reworked for modern platforms, fusing the thrill of finding something new and inventive with the comfort of the original experience.

Capcom’s choice to enter the remake market is especially noteworthy in light of the company’s lengthy history and the ongoing appeal of its brands. Capcom has the opportunity to appeal to the nostalgia of devoted gamers and give these timeless experiences to a new generation of gamers by bringing back beloved games.

Surveying Fan Interest

According to reports, Capcom has started polling fans in order to get their thoughts on possible remakes. Fans are being asked to express which games they would most want to see remade. Capcom’s proactive approach to community engagement highlights the company’s dedication to providing experiences that both satisfy player needs and meet market expectations.

Many of Capcom’s well-known properties, including as Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and Dino Crisis, are reportedly included by the study. Capcom hopes to select projects that have the best chance of captivating audiences and rekindling interest in these cherished classics by directly asking fans for their opinions.

The Potential for Revival

The Resident Evil series is a clear front-runner among the games said to be in the running for remakes. Since its launch, the series has had a profound impact on the game industry thanks to its unique combination of survival horror and compelling storytelling. In addition to introducing these legendary experiences to a new generation, a faithful recreation of old games like Resident Evil 2 or Resident Evil 3 might offer a chance to enrich the mythology and gameplay mechanics in ways that were not previously feasible.

Capcom: Unternehmen befragt Fans zu möglichen Remakes

In a similar vein, titles with a lot of promise for resuscitation through remake treatment include Devil May Cry and Dino Crisis. Capcom has the opportunity to produce visually spectacular reimaginings that make use of technological and game design breakthroughs honor the original while providing novel viewpoints and captivating gaming experiences.


The gaming world is excited to see what Capcom will accomplish in its quest to investigate possible remakes. With a devoted global fan base and a long history of great games, Capcom has the chance to reinvent timeless gaming experiences for a modern day. With the help of fan input and their experience in game production, Capcom is well-positioned to produce remakes that embrace the future while paying tribute to the past. One thing is certain while we wait for further information from the company: the idea of re-examining well-loved classics in a fresh way is an intriguing one that should enthrall viewers and rekindle their enthusiasm for these enduring properties.

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