Über 80 Galerien aus vier Kontinenten bei Spark-Kunstmesse in Wiener Marx Halle

Über 80 Galerien aus vier Kontinenten bei Spark-Kunstmesse in Wiener Marx Halle

About Über 80 Galerien aus vier Kontinenten bei Spark

After the cancellation of the Spark Art Fair in Vienna the previous year, one may now look forward to the art fair in the Marx Halle in Vienna. “Mehr als 80 Galerien aus rund 20 Ländern und mit Europa, Afrika, Nord- und Südamerika vier Kontinenten” sind vertreten, so far wie der Veranstalter weiß, vom 14. bis 17. März 2024.

Gezeigt werden wieder ausschließlich Solopräsentationen. Dieses Format soll das Werk der Künstlerinnen und Künstler “noch stärker” in den Mittelpunkt rücken.

“Die Stadt im Dialog” bei der Spark Art Fair Vienna

“Die Stadt im Dialog” ist das Motto des Kuratorische Konzepts. Walter Seidl and Jan Gustav Fiedler, who co-chair the Curatorial & Advisory Board and are joined by Athenian curator Marina Fokidis and Zürich curator Christoph Doswald, demonstrated their strong belief in the “besonders” role of women in art. This was about seventy percent.

In addition to global gallery sizes, new positions by emerging artists are brought into focus during the exhibition. Additionally, Austria’s contribution to the 60th Venice Biennale of Art is represented as an individual work with conceptual artist Anna Jermolaewa. According to a report, there had been an increase in the foreign participation among participating artists as well as galleries.

Julius von Bismarck and Esther Ferrer’s artwork were shown as “besondere Highlights” of the Art Fair. 34 Austrian galleries are represented in all, including Galerie Krinzinger, Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, and Christine König Galerie.

The gallery Kates-Ferri Projects in New York is featuring a presentation by Turiya Magadlela, while Pilevneli in Istanbul is showcasing Refik Anadol. Werke von Giulia Piscitelli und PSM aus Berlin von Almut Linde werden gezeigt in der neapolitanischen Galerie Fonti. The Budapest-based acb Galerie is presenting an individual exhibition by Mátyás Erményi.

Highlights und Schwerpunkte bei der Spark-Kunstmesse 2024

International audiences are expected to be provided with opportunities for exchange and insight through the digital platform Spark Studio and the virtual round table. Prior to the start of the exhibition, interested parties can view the first gallery highlights, artwork, and installations online.

Erstmals ergänzt die Messe ein Sonderprogramm auf der Theaterbühne des Globe in der Marx Halle. A curated film program including works by selected gallery artists and artists-in-residence is shown on a movie theater wall. Additionally, the theater serves as a platform for a related performance and discussion program. Conversation groups with specific thematic foci are scheduled every four days.

2023 was the art fair that was canceled just two months before it opened. The business management and the organization team’s “offenkundige Interessenskonflikte innerhalb der Wiener Kunstszene, in welche die Spark verstrickt wurde” served as the impetus for this action.

Key Highlights of the Spark Art Fair:

  1. European Elegance: European galleries will contribute to the fair’s sophistication with a mix of traditional and contemporary artworks. Visitors can expect to encounter pieces that draw inspiration from Europe’s rich cultural heritage while embracing modern influences.
  2. Asian Innovation: The Asian representation at Spark Art Fair promises innovation and creativity. Galleries from countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea will showcase artworks that reflect the dynamic and rapidly evolving art scenes in their respective regions.
  3. African Perspectives: The inclusion of galleries from Africa adds a layer of diversity to the fair. Visitors will have the chance to explore the vibrant and diverse artistry emerging from the continent, challenging preconceptions and expanding their understanding of contemporary African art.
  4. American Artistry: Galleries from North and South America will contribute to the eclectic mix, offering a glimpse into the diverse artistic expressions prevalent across the American continents. From traditional forms to cutting-edge contemporary art, the American galleries will contribute to the rich tapestry of the Spark Art Fair.

Navigating the Global Art Landscape:

For art enthusiasts and collectors attending the Spark Art Fair, the event provides a unique opportunity to navigate the vast and varied landscape of global art. Whether one’s taste leans towards classical European masterpieces, avant-garde Asian installations, vibrant African contemporary art, or the dynamic expressions of the Americas, the fair offers a comprehensive overview of the diverse currents shaping the contemporary art world.

Connecting Artists and Collectors:

Beyond being a visual feast for art lovers, events like the Spark Art Fair play a crucial role in connecting artists with collectors. The international platform facilitates the exchange of ideas, fosters collaboration, and provides emerging artists with the opportunity to showcase their work to a global audience. For collectors, it presents a chance to discover hidden gems and engage with the ever-evolving narratives within the art world.

The Impact of Global Collaboration:

The collaboration between galleries from four continents at the Spark Art Fair is indicative of the positive impact of global cooperation in the arts. Such events foster cultural exchange, promote cross-cultural understanding, and contribute to the enrichment of local art scenes by introducing new perspectives and influences.

Vienna as a Global Cultural Hub:

Vienna’s role as the host city for the Spark Art Fair underscores its position as a global cultural hub. Beyond its historical significance, Vienna continues to be a thriving center for the arts, attracting artists, collectors, and enthusiasts from around the world. The Spark Art Fair contributes to Vienna’s cultural tapestry, further solidifying the city’s reputation as a place where tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously.


The Spark Art Fair in Vienna’s Marx Halle is a testament to the global nature of contemporary art. With over 80 galleries from four continents converging in one space, the event promises to be a celebration of diversity, innovation, and the interconnectedness of the global art community. As visitors explore the rich tapestry of artistic expressions, they will not only witness the beauty of individual artworks but also experience the harmonious blend of different cultural influences. The Spark Art Fair stands as a beacon of unity in the world of art, demonstrating that creativity knows no boundaries and that Vienna remains a vital center for the global artistic dialogue.

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